Mission Accomplished: Meet Morgan!


Five year old, Morgan, was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma at 7 months old. She has been through systemic chemotherapy, radiation plaque, focal treatments and most recently inter arterial chemotherapy. Morgan has fought hard, but did loose her left eye to cancer at 2.5 years old and is now wearing a prosthetic eye. Morgan has adjusted well throughout this process, but has also encountered another hurdle just before her 5th birthday as her retina has detached in her right eye leaving her with limited vision. Morgan is in good spirits and is currently learning Braille and will be working weekly with a cane for mobility assistance. Although, she attends monthly doctor visits in New York City, Morgan is a typical 5 year old that just keeps on going by enjoying outdoor activities like riding her bike, playing on the swing set and swimming. She tends to enjoy outdoor activities on bright sunny days, since the dim lighting and darkness is a constant struggle for her. Morgan adapts well to her current condition as she is still continuing to fight the cancer, she is hopeful that one day she will be blessed to have a service dog that will provide great companionship throughout this emotional process. While a WAGS Service Dog is not specifically trained to assist with issues of vision impairments, a WAGS dog will be able to help with turning on the lights, retrieving items and to provide Morgan with increasing confidence in herself. With the limited vision, Morgan is turning to others for constant companionship, where a service dog would fill in that emptiness and provide her a buddy that she can call upon.

Morgan and her family know how blessed we are to have trained a WAGS dog to help Morgan improve her standard of living.

The story Mom, Teresa sent us:

It’s so cute…after she (Morgan) feeds him she always says ” Howie you are the greatest”. And as I type this she is laying on the floor next to him while he chews on one of his “approved” (smiling) toys and is singing to Howie “I just love you, you are the greatest, I just love your paws, Howie’s the greatest”.


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