In Jazzy’s Memory

10435_1046660906594_2193508_n[1] W.A.G.S 4 Kids was recently contacted by 3 generous spirits: Carolyn Bryant on behalf of Eric Brown and his best friend Jazzy. Here is their story:

A dear friend of many recently lost his beloved dog, Jasper, aka, ‘Jazzy” to an extended illness. I know that many can relate to the pain of his loss. I’m reminded that the love of a pet owner is often and (at least) quadrupled by the return love of a pet. The dog whisperer in me feels compelled to give a nod to Jazzy’s beloved human, Eric Brown. Eric, without a doubt is one of the finest human beings that I have ever met! I often associate the name, “Eric’ with charity and unselfishly giving to others, most of whom are strangers to him. I briefly mentioned to Eric that, though I wish I can heal his pain, I know I cannot, none of us can (sadly). However, I would be thrilled for you to participate in redefining that pain by helping to light a torch in honor of Jazzy’s loving and indomitable spirit through donations to Eric’s chosen charity, Working Animals Giving Service for Kids.


In Eric’s words:

Dogs have played a special part in many of our lives and been closely linked to our families for thousands of years. I had a special dog named Jasper (Jazzy) who recently passed away after a struggle was degenerative myelopathy (this is the k9 equivalent to Lou Gehrig’s disease).


Jazzy was an Aussie Collie mix, a rescue pup, who came to me from the Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline (ARPH) about 12 years ago. Although a mix Jazzy looked the tri-colored rough collie. He was a joy from the very beginning sweet, smart, handsome, endless energy and oh so eager to please. He breezed through his Canine Good Citizenship testing with nary a doubt. For 11 years he was my constant companion and the perfect dog (if you don’t count a few thousand pounds of shedded collie fur and a few extra barks and I trust me I don’t count those.)


About a year ago Jazzy started to have trouble getting up. After extensive test it was determined my boy had DM. Over the last year Jazzy and I worked closely with my vet and did twice a week hydrotherapy sessions to help prolong that time he was able to maintain function in his hind legs. I can’t begin to tell you how much closer we grew during this period. A week or so ago things reached the point where it was time to grant Jazzy a graceful exit.


To honor my friend the illustrious Jasper, I’m hoping you will help me raise funds for W.A.G.S 4 Kids, a wonderful organization that works to help kids with disabilities get service dogs to help kids handle some of the challenges they face in his name. I think this is very fitting tribute my sweet and noble friend and a great way to make a difference by helping kids with services. Thanks for listening. Run like the wind Jazzy.




One comment

  1. Amy · November 9, 2013

    WOW- Jazzy sounds as if she is an AWESOME dog- very similar to her HUMAN! Rest In Peace, Jazzy…

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