Mission Accomplished! Lizzy & Her Forever Boy Connor



When end we first met Connor, he was a little boy with a very simple wish. He wanted a service dog.

Connor was diagnosed with Autism shortly after his 4th birthday. He was developing and hitting most milestones on schedule: He crawled, sat up and started walking around one. While his speech was delayed, progress was made with the help of speech therapy. His parents found some wonderful specialists and without their help we would not be where we are today. In 2009, Connor had a feeding tube placed in his nose. Within 6 months we saw great progress – 9 pounds. They stopped the tube for 1 year hoping his body would continue to grow and develop on its own but it did not. In 2012 a GI was placed in his stomach. A few months after that he was diagnosed with RSS (Russell-Silver Syndrome) which is a muscle problem with a failure to thrive. Even with all these obstacles, Connor is full of life, bright, funny and a joy to be with.

In 2013 – Connor’s friends and family rallied around in an effort to help him reach the $8,000 Family Fundraising goal. Between individual gifts, and those who showed up at Connor’s Cleats fundraiser….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks all of you who have given, in April 2014 – Connor met his new friend for life Lizzy!

Connor & Lizzy


Connor’s family knows they still face many challenges ahead. However the presence of a service dog will boost Connor’s socialization skills, relationships, respect for others and self  worth. “Animals have a very calming affect which Connor sometimes needs. As a parent, you want to give your child everything, but without your help and contributions, I’m not sure if this would be possible.”

None of this would be possible…without you! This is just one of many stories that starts with a simple wish. For each child that you help to reach their goals we pay it forward so that the next child has a chance to receive a friend for life.  These dogs provide an incomparable and indescribable emotional, physical and therapeutic partner.T

Change A Life. Have A Heart. Be A Friend For Life. Click Here to make a donation in the name of Connor.

You can also mail a check to:
W.A.G.S. 4 Kids
112 E. Center Street
Berea, OH 44017


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