HELP! Which Bachelor Should Jaci Pick? « Cleveland’s New 102

HELP! Which Bachelor Should Jaci Pick? « Cleveland’s New 102.

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Jaci_124x75Jaci Fox | Evenings 7:00 PM – Midnight

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OK ladies – I need your help here because I’m terrible with choosing. Which bachelor should I bid on for the Cleveland Have A Heart Bachelor Auction Raffle? The cause is well worth it too – Wags 4 Kids, who assist families in need get service dogs for the disabled.

So. Which bachelor should I bet all my raffle tickets on? I can’t decide, although I have narrowed it down to three, (which is just short of a miracle for me).

Check out the pics and bios and vote below!

Drew Golub, a DJ. Have A Heart asked him why a woman should bid on him. Let's see what he had to say: "Because Tinder isn't working! All joking aside you get a free dinner with a marginally attractive young man while helping fund the training of a service dog. Seems like a win win to me." (Photo credit James Douglas Studio/Have A Heart)

Meet Dan Inks. Marketing Director at Townhall! Have A Heart asked him what's that most people don’t know about you? He said: "I want to write and animated cartoon series, about the wild events that take place in my life and make motion pictures. I like to rap funny stories, and I can juggle." (Photo Credit: Cleveland Have A Heart)

Meet Tony Madalone. President/CEO at Fresh Brewed Tees. What do Tony's friends say about him? "Motivated, passionate, hard working, honest, adventurous (and a lot of other things haha)"

So. Who Should I pick? I’m buying a boatload of tix and putting them all on one bachelor. Who Would you pick?



<a href=”″>Take Our Poll</a>Be sure to check out all the bachelors (yes, there are many more!), and their bios at Cleveland Have A Heart’s site!


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