Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: Why WAGS 4 Kids Caught The National Spotlight

Cleveland's Star 102

There are a lot of great charities out there that do a lot of good. One of them not only does good, it creates more good and that yet turns into something amazing. They’ve recently gotten some national attention on CBS News, and they’re in our own backyard.

Photo credit: Photography By Brea Photo credit: Photography By Brea

I’m referring to WAGS 4 Kids, who are in the business of providing children in need with service dogs whose families would not be able to afford the total cost otherwise. It’s an incredibly important service. It starts with puppies who are taken to prisoners which spend their time caring for, socializing and training these future service dogs. When all the training is complete and all the service tests are passed are trained to do whatever it is that the child receiving him/her needs, which could be opening doors, turning off/on the lights, you name…

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