A Thankful Thanksgiving – Rocco’s Girl Tori

Rocco was born July 25, 1997 with Autism-Developmental Delay. Rocco has always been an animal lover. Rocco loves the outdoors and to spend time with his family in his yard. He has a several challenges in his life, and will have more in the future. Rocco asked for a companion that will make him feel safe and positive about himself.
His family along with Rocco believed a service dog will help him improve his socialization and relationship skills. Providing Rocco with structure, a sleep aid, responsibilities, and most importantly a skilled companion.
Their hopes of support were answered en-mass. Never before have more individual gifts been received for a single child. Whether it was $5, $10, $20, whatever anyone could spare – the power of the brother-ship that is the Cleveland Police Department and First Responders poured in to support Rocco’s special wish. Community members, Angelo’s Pizza & West Park Station stepped in and hosted 2 fabulous fundraisers!
Largely driven by the passion and support of Rocco’s Dad – Special Thanks to Scott Taylor (19 Action News), Jaci Fox (NEW 102.1), Jenn Harcher (19 Action News), Chris Heben (Animal Planet), Andre Knott (WTAM 1100), Joe Lull (92.3 FM), Melissa Reid (FOX 8), Daryl Ruiter (92.3 FM), Mark Zinni (Fox 8) , and Poppa D And The Aggravators!
Says Rocco’s Mom, “Sera and Wendy have been so wonderful, we consider them family…..God Bless them and all parties who were involved……….”
With all of your support – we know you know how much Tori means to Rocco. It’s in every glance between them. We hope you will choose this holiday to help Rocco with your donation in hopes to make his dream come true, help him cross the finish line and reach his goal. WE’RE SO CLOSE! Afford him a service companion canine who will aid him throughout Rocco ‘s journey in life.
Rocco & Tori

Rocco & Tori

Make a donation to help Rocco!

Make A Donation Online Now To Help Rocco Reach His Fundraising Goal!

Make A Donation Online Now To Help Rocco Reach His Fundraising Goal!

Donate Online Now

Donate Online Now!

You can also mail a check to:

WAGS 4 Kids

112 East Center Street

Berea, OH 44017

Please make a memo note that your donation is for Rocco

Come Back Next Week For Our Thanksgiving Day Blog! ALL THANKS TO YOU!

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