William’s Anchor – A Thankful Thanksgiving

Sponsor A Child, William

William was born with a Genetic disorder of TUBB4A gene. (Meet William)

Mom, Eve, was given a brochure about W.A.G.S. 4 Kids. William had wanted a dog for many years and says “I thought that I needed to take action.”

Because of William’s extensive physical disabilities, he is surrounded by adults but has no same-age friends and hence, no social life. By getting a service dog, the family knew that William would develop a personal relationship with his dog and have a best friend like no other.

Day 1 William & Anchor leave Grafton Correctional Institution Let the magic begin!

Day 1 William & Anchor leave Grafton Correctional Institution Let the magic begin!

It has been six months since Anchor has met his forever friend in William “It has changed his life. He now has a constant friend and companion who is there for him.”

“I regularly tell people about W.A.G.S. and how unique it is in that it is not only helping children but also helping inmates who have lost hope in their lives. Many inmates are early victims themselves and they have never had an opportunity to see themselves as contributing to something important. This program is such a win-win for children in need and adults who want to turn their lives around.” says mom, Eve.

New to the program in 2015, families are now able to enter Grafton Correctional Institution in Grafton, OH no matter a child’s age (previously this was only a privilege allowed to recipients 18+), to have the advantage of training alongside the inmates apprentices. While each family still receives in-home transition training from a W.A.G.S. 4 Kids staff trainer, this critical hands-on hand-off is crucial to the success of each partnership. But the support of W.A.G.S. staff doesn’t end there. “The knowledge level is exceptional and the willingness to reach out and help in continued training is excellent. I feel that anytime there might be an issue there is ready access to answer questions and make suggestions. It is evident that everyone involved in W.A.G.S. is passionate about the mission and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to help a child in need.”

Stay tuned for next week’s final installment of our 2015 Thankful Thanksgiving Blog series. Dedicated to, who else?…You!


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