Logan & Rockford – Let The Magic Begin…


We first met Logan in October of 2015. A funny, outgoing and kind 13 year-old, Logan loves NASCAR, Minecraft, building with Legos and watching sports. He likes to sing and enjoys music as well. Logan has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, and struggles with anxiety. He has difficulty forming relationships and making friends, as well as communicating what he is feeling and thinking. This can lead to a lot of frustration. He also has a difficult time focusing and completing tasks. We adopted Logan when he was four and a half years-old and we’re the fourth placement he had known. All of that moving has caused him to continuously worry about feeling secure. His parents are hopeful that an Autism Service Dog will be a companion for him and help him to meet and make friends, provide security and ease his anxiety.

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These days it’s Spring Training at Logan’s house! With Rockford by his side, Logan has a renewed focus, confidence and general sense of ease when out making new friends. Now mom’s biggest frustration, is getting the boys to stop playing ball when it’s time for dinner. With Logan’s smile looking back at her, it’s a trade well worth making.

Mission Accomplished! Thanks to all of Logan’s friends, family and of course the W.A.G.S.’ community for making this partnership happen! Every event attended, every raffle ticket purchased, makes moments like this possible. Let the magic begin…

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